We all love rewards, prizes, and achievements! Well, here at the Yah Yah group you can win all kinds of goodies! They are broken down into four categories: Badges, Ranks, Stickers, & Awards and here you will see a breakdown of each category and what it all means to you!

These badges are all site related, they’re little medal of honours you can show off to your friends to say ‘I am the best Yah Yah’ … they include things such as the “Proud Yah Yah” badge, as well as other site related prizes.

To earn these badges you simply need to work around on the site. Create posts, reply to people, start your own wonderful group and more!

When you’re climbing up the Yah Yah ladder you’re sure to earn yourself some added recognition with our special promotional ranks. Start out as a lowly Troll and work your way up to glory and prestige!

To earn a new rank it’s not as simple as writing a post or creating a gift for your fellow Yah Yah’s … no, my friend, it takes much more than that to climb the tower of success! Each rank will have a set number of things you need to do in order to reach the summit, and each level is a little bit harder. Can you become a Yah Yah Goddess? We’ll find out …

These I am sure you are familiar with … the beloved stickers of old are here and they’re here to stay! When you create a doodle challenge – sticker! If you create a tag challenge and share it about – sticker! And of course, when you create your sticker book – STICKER!

Stickers for everyone!

These little beauties won’t just be given out to anyone … they are only for the special elite! Awards can be won for certain every day things such as posting 50 times on the Yah Yah forum, or earning the coveted YYOTM!

We’ll also be handing these dandy little awards out to those who win special events, and perhaps an award here or there just for being you!

If you have a suggestion for a trinket we can offer, please feel free to send us a note!