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    Hey all!

    Time for another event ^_^ I hope you like this one as much as the turtle! I do like my animals lol so this one is going to get a little squirrelly!

    Challenge #1 – Doodle
    Create something from this little doodle to earn this badge!

    Challenge #2 – Create a Tag/Adoption
    Share a tag or adoption with the group using this squirrelly tube! (line and tube created by Sicara)

    Challenge #3 – Squirrelly Palette
    Create a rainbow of browns for this palette!

    Challenge #4 – Collectible
    Collect your nuts! It’s soon time for winter so you know you need to prepare!

    Challenge #5 – Tutorial
    Complete the following tutorial to win this sticker.

    Well today you will learn how to create grass in another way! This is EASY grass so it only takes a couple steps.

    Step One:
    With your paint brush create a hill type shape, really you can do any shape you like … play around with it :o)

    Step Two:
    Next make your blades, I use a combination of the following type blades,

    feel free to play around, don’t forget to do the top of your grass hill.

    Step Three:
    You’re done! If you like you can add dirt to it by using the method in Grass #1 or you can do it as follows …

    Step Four:
    Trace along the bottom of the grass.
    Making a border along the bottom of about 2-3 pixels or just play till it looks the way you want! Try to change up the height as well give it some depth ^_^

    Trinkets to Earn

    1. Hide Your Nuts
    2. Squirrelly Tag
    3. Squirrel Browns
    4. Squirrelly Tutorial
    5. Squirrelly Doodle
    6. Gone Squirrelly
    7. A Little Nutty
    8. A Nutty Professor



    Thank you for the event, Si hun – Can’t wait to give these a try 🙂 x



    cool … will work on this soon




    You can see my results here. Also the tag is there



    My results from Challenge 1 and Challenge 5 – lovin’ the challenges!

    It’s making my understanding of shading/colouring better (?) and the fact I’ve managed to draw a beaver/Cheshire cat/teddy bear aka squirrel from a doodle?  Eeeeks! loL! xx

    My results can also be seen on my site HERE




    Awesome results guys 😀 I love it!


    Jelly Bean

    cool job ladies!




    My result from Challenge #2 – Tag for All

     photo yy-slightlynutty-tubebysicara-vix.gif

    I speak only for myself in that tag but yannow…hehe xx


    Credits: Tube by Sicara

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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