Yah Yah Grape Vine Edition #2

Hi all! Welcome to September I can’t believe summer is almost over!

Welcome to September I can’t believe summer is almost over! We’ve been busy here at the Yah Yah group … and I know I have definitely fallen behind, which means I’ll definitely be grabbing at least one of the new badges this week!

Let’s get onto the news shall we?

New Members
Feel free to click the new members below and welcome them to the group!

New Tutorials

Current Themes

Head over and take a look at our new Squirrelly theme!

Our Newest Trinkets

Take a look at our newest trinkets and be sure to click on them to find out more!




Yah Yah Grape Vine – Edition #1

Hi, all!

First of all, welcome to the Yah Yah’s! I will try to do these updates weekly so those who are joining us can be at least somewhat informed of the goings on!

New Members
Well, the nice thing about this part … we’re all new! lol … Welcome, ALL!!!

New Tutorials
First and foremost we’re here to learn, so with that, we do have some new tutorials, you can find the links below!

  1. Blinkie Tutorial
  2. Creating a Palette – By Jelly
  3. Creating a Palette – By Sicara
  4. Creating a Cute Face
  5. Shading a Doll Base
  6. Drawing a Character Head
  7. Drawing a Character Body

Our Current Themes
We have a couple themed challenges going on right now, The Welcome Yah Yah event, and the Turtle event. Remember these are new and they will go on forever, no hurry to get anything done!

Our Newest Trinkets
We have tons for you to earn and are adding more every day! Here is a quick look back at our recent additions. You can check out the whole list here.

Click the sticker to learn more about it!

Click the award to learn more about it!

Click each badge to learn more about it!


Click each Rank to learn more!

Remember you can create your own group at any time, and it doesn’t need to be pixel related. We’d love to see lots more, but until then check these out!

  1. Debby’s Tag Offers
  2. Sicara’s Magical Imporium
  3. Jelly’s Siggy Piggy Haven

For those group owners, if you have badges or other awards you’d like to create we’d be happy to add them to our list ^_^

As always we are happy to get any suggestions or requests for badges, theme challenges etc. If you have any please do let us know!

Big Hugs All!
Si & Jelly




Yah Yah Beans

That’s right here at Yah Yah’s we deal in beans!

You will earn beans for all kinds of things such as: viewing posts, replying, updating your profile etc. You can also earn beans by creating your own shop and offering tags and other goodies for beans. To send someone beans to purchase something, or if you just want to be nice, you can see your balance and transfer at any time using the menu on the right!

Lots of other things will be coming with this feature be sure to check back often!