November Challenge

Hi guys! And a happy November to you all ^_^

For this month we will be celebrating everything Teddy Bear!

To start we will be having a Teddy Bear’s picnic! Be sure to grab your picnic blanket below (you’re welcome to recolour if you like) and add your teddy, or yourself … or yourself with your teddy! Whatever you like, but please do not change the size of the image.

You’re also welcome to grab the background below for the ride. You can see Sicara’s ride below as a sample, and are welcome to snag it for your own ride.

Next let’s learn how to make our own bear, using nothing more than some circles! Follow the tutorial below to create your own bear. Once done create a card set featuring your teddy bear! If can have any theme you like but your teddy bear must be in it!

Have fun everyone!

Donna, Melissa & Sicara

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  1. Tanya says:

    All done .. you can find them at click on Novembers link

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