January Challenge

Out with the old, and in with the new! Happy New Year all, it’s January 2018 – can’t believe 2017 went so fast!

Because I didn’t actually get this challenge decided beforehand I have decided to use this challenge to my advantage!

For January’s challenge you will need to create the following …

  1. A birthday sig tag/free trade gift certificate or adoption – this will be for all of January birthdays, so send this to Sicara personally and do not add names to the sig tag. This will earn you 5 cards – if you create one of each you will earn 20 cards.
  2. Create a birthday quilt square – There are two sizes you can choose from. These should say Happy Birthday from Your Name – again do not personalize – if you would like to offer personalized options (hair colours etc) that is fine but again please do not add names, and mail to Sicara personally. – Each quilt square earns you 5 cards, if you create both you will earn 10 cards.
  3. Create birthday balloons – For every balloon you create you will earn 1 card – up to 20 cards.

Once you have done the above and emailed Sicara leave a comment below and she will send you the appropriate link to your badge.

If you complete all of the challenges – you have the potential to earn 50 cards! What a way to start the New Year!

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