Welcome to Sicara’s Pixel Members Area!

I hope you will find all kinds of cute, and pretty pixels from me here, I have spent a long time creating and tubing in the last few months and really just can’t wait to get back into it.

What you will find here will mostly be tubes and my own lines. Everything is original, there will not be any AS IS content … if you’d like to see what is in the members’ area look at the updates … these will show everything that is added to the members’ area.

Please note this members area will not be an extension of Dark Enchantments, if you want you can purchase that membership area here. This site was a collaboration so it would not be fair for me to include it here.

The Pixel Alley content will also not be available. I sold my original content to Debbie, and unfortunately, she is no longer in the community. I am unsure of where my original content is now, but I do think it is still out there. If anyone knows where I would be happy to share the link.

If you have any suggestions for pixels you’d like to see created or lines you’d like to see coloured please do let me know. I will do my best to create what is on the wish list.

Welcome, and Hugs!