Below you will find all of my updates as well as a link to the page or post so you can jump right to it :D

January 14, 2015: I'm the worst when it comes to update pages! lol ... Ok I've fixed all of the non visible images so now you can snag all the collectibles, palettes and tags if you like!

October 18 2012: I've added some new badge books and the badges I have earned. I've also updated by Collectibles page by adding some Chickens, Baskets, Bunnies, Candy, Dolls, Banners, Mushrooms, Bottles, and Bugs. I've also added more pallettes to my page, some doodle results and some more gifts for you! Enjoy! ^_^

February 21 2012: I've updated my collectibles with some bows and perfume bottles. I've added some gifts for you, a Valentine pallette, and a doodle challenge.

January 31 2012: I've updated my Doodle Challenges and I've added the rest of my sticker books! This month we will be having lots of Valentine's Day fun so you can see my Valentine pallette, my doodle, and my Valentine sticker book. Im all ready for February!

January 16 2012: YAY My site is up and running! I have added ALL of my Challenges to the pages. Under Gifts 4 U you will find all of the sig tags I've made for the group. You're welcome to snag whether you are a member or not, but please do link back to me! I've also added a few Gifts 4 Me that the other members have sent to me. I've tried to link to those member's sites but in some cases I didn't know what they were. So, hopefully those members will give me a shout out so I can credit them for their work properly ^_^
Hmm let me see what else? Oh! I've added all of my Collectibles too! You're welcome to snag and link back to me and if you have any made please do let me know! I'd love to snag some more as well!
Finally, be sure to check out my Badges page so you can see all of the cute stickers and badges I've collected by doing all of these great challenges and collectibles! I worked my butt off to get these so I am very proud of all of them!