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Trade with Trampasj

I got … AGCW5, CLCW7, MKCW4, MKCW9 She got … CMMP52, NYMO09, TDPP21/29

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Another Trade with Donna

I got … BYPP30 CESE32/43/48 CETC06/07 CLCW02 CMLA08 CMMP63/70 CMPP49 CTHP07 EASE02 FTPP27 HWSE15 IISP01 ISPP20 ISSE19 NYHP02 NYLA04 NYMO05 NYPP07/17 NYSE25 NYSP10 NYSP16 NYTC15/18 SCEE01 SCPP06 SCSP05 SEPP20 SESE20 SPHP02/05 SPMO10 SPSE35 TDHP05 THSE19 THTR05 WICH58 She got … … Continue reading

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Trade with Donna

I got … BILA03 CESE32 CHSP05 CMLA01 CMMO36 CMMP12/18 CMMP62 CMPP51 DLPP22 ESMO27 ESSP06 ESTR27 FISE53 GDPP06 HWPP26 LAMB03 MKCW06/07 NYHP02 NYPP03 NYPP30 NYSE12 NYSP16 NYTC15 NYTR14 ODPP01/09 SCSE01 THSE19 WICH36 She got … FTPP20 LSEE11 OLSE02/06/10 SCPP22/24/27 SCSE46 SDSE08 … Continue reading

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