January 13 2015: I've been updating and will continue to do so. I have fixd all my badge broken links so you can see the badges I've earned.
Though Pixel Mentors is now closed I will be updating this site so you can still complete the challenges, do the tutorials, and collect the collectibles. Take a look around and enjoy!

I'm happy to help anyone with questions or who need help with pixels ... or you know anything really ^_^ that was the point of PM. So feel free to use my contact button!

February 27 2013: I never update here lol but I thought I would today! We're having a bit of a St. Patricls Par-Tay ^_^ We'll be having some puzzles, a memory game, lots of treats and a leprechaun's gold hunt! Which is happening RIGHT NOW so go look!

January 17 2012: I've updated my site bunch of things in fact! I've also added some more puzzles for our Turtle Week :D

July 30 2011: I really don't update my site enough! lol Or well, I don't update the Updates page enough! I should learn to get that done lol ... Anywho today you will see that I added my little award page as well as my Ultimate Pixel Mentor Challenge page. You can see what I have done there to become the Ultimate Pixel Mentor! I've also added a few more gifts, adoptions, collectibles etc ... just check out the *NEW*! lol

June 8 2010: WOW! I haven't updated my site in forever! Ok, well I have a big update now... I went through the badge list and added the badges I have earned since my last update ... I've added my newly adopted little pet, and some more collectibles as well as some past challenges of mine!

October 16 2009: I've added my Trick or Treat page up for everyone, hope you all enjoy the gifts!

September 22 2009: I've added more balloons to my collection, catch em if you can :D Also some new gifts to my gift page :o)

August 28 2009: I've added boats to my collectibles page as well as updated my Trading Collectible page :o) New badges have been added as well I was missing a LOT! lol I've also finally added a bunch of the collectibles I have collected from others ;o)

July 5 2009: I've added a new page to show off the collectibles that I have added to the collectible lottery.

July 3 2009: I earned two more badges! Now I have my third page full in my album :D I've also added my cakes!

July 2 2009: Not much of an update but I got a new mail box uploaded onto my site :o) I love tags so I hope everyone will leave me one! I've added a couple more badges to my album, my third page is almost full WOOT WOOT! I've also added the new badges to the list! Hugs

June 27 2009: I've added my MUSE! Isn't she pretty down there in the corner? Lots of things going on today at PM, we're doing our first Collectible Lottery should be fun!

June 24 2009: I've created a new web set for my Pixel Mentor's site ... I was EXTREMELY bored with the other one lol this one is pretty plain too but that's how I like it lol. I'm sure I will spruce it up sooner or later!
My muse has yet to make an appearance but she will soon :D