I really shouldn't have to say this but we all know it's probably needed :P
This site is for entertainment purposes only, nothing created with anything here may be used for commercial use.


Well the time has come for Pixel Mentors to close it's doors. After several years we finally closed due to lack of time on my part. But I've decided to put everything we've done (or a much as I can anyway) up here for those who want to play and learn to do so.

The badges will be on the pages so if you do create everything you need to earn them you still can. Just be patient with me I've collected a lot of informaton and made a lot of challenges/games over the past years it will take me a while to get it all up for you!

Enjoy and please link back to this site if you use anything here. If you do create a small site to play with be sure to send me your banner and I will post it here as well.


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